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Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) Logistics Vision Suite (LVS)

Today more than ever the effectiveness of the warehouse is a key factor for success. The implementation of the warehouse management system (WMS) significantly increases the productivity of the employees, optimizes the storage operations and increases the customer satisfaction. The warehouse management systems apply ... see more

Logistics Vision Modules Logistics Vision Modules

Transportation Vision complements Warehouse Vision, managing the distribution process optimizing existing resources that either belong to the enterprise or to third parties. Transportation Vision optimizes the loading of picked orders to available vehicles and decides order assignment / loading sequence and way to the ... see more

Pick by Voice Pick by Voice

Pick by voice - technology of the future Development of picking / commissioning systems based on voice command technology is a logical step in optimizing these applications. The clear goal is the use of new technologies to improve and increase the productivity of the process of commissioning. The technology presented ... see more

Pick to Light Pick to Light

Pick to Light - system for quickly and intuitively picking Pick to Light System is designed to electronically assisting staff when collecting items from picking areas. The operator simply scans the barcode of contract and picking amounts to be displayed directly on the screen at the appropriate place. When the operator ... see more

Pick by Cart Pick by Cart

Application Several containers are placed on a cart that is usually manoeuvred manually. The containers can either be target containers for picking or source containers for supply. In both cases, each container is equipped with a quantity display. The picking cart additionally has a text display or radio terminal supplying ... see more


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