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Presentation of "Mobile pallets racking – why the system is so profitable and effective" with lecturer – Gianni Filito, Sales Manager, Moveel – Italy.


Moveel is an Italian leading company in the field of compactible warehousing systems - mobile bases under a racking structure, with a twenty year experience in the study and solution of logistics problems. Mobile Systems are supported by an extremely professional and dynamic staff that supports customer anytime, from the study and analysis of the problem, to its design solution, until its realization and afterwards during the warranty period, during which any possible problem is handled in a very short time.

The technology proposed and developed by the producer allows to eliminate all the aisle (except one) that in the traditional structures are necessary for the access to the stored material, with an average space saving that amounts to 80 and 90 % everything is realized so as to allow extreme simplicity of use and the maximum flexibility in regard to the variation of the loading units in time. Mobile bases are mostly used when space is limited or highly expensive. The three main categories are Mobile bases on pallet racking, mobile Cantilever materials structure and in Deep-freeze locations where space capacity is extremely important to be kept as low as possible in order to maintain the necessary temperature in a cost-efficient way.

Mobile Pallet Systems Mobile Pallet Systems

Mobile Pallet-racking systems are studied to exploit to the utmost company’s spaces reserved to warehousing, and thanks to the modularity of the structures realized, the system is totally flexible and can adapt to the various types of loading units. The remarkable sturdiness of the structures, allows us to realize ... see more

Mobile Cantilever Systems Mobile Cantilever Systems

The Cantilevered Systems, as any other type of compactible system are realized to guarantee the maximum exploitation of available spaces, and have a bearing capacity of over 600 tons per single mobile base. The Cantilevered Systems can be fitted with guide rails for trilateral dollies and they can be controlled by ... see more

Deep Freeze Solutions Deep Freeze Solutions

The compactible systems for Refrigerated cells are certainly one of the leading products that the company offers and the experience accumulated in years of installations gives us the advantage to be the perfect partner for every company that operate in the field of frozen goods logistics. Mobile bases are very smart and ... see more


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