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Kardex Solutions specialize in computer controlled automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, assembly, distribution and retailing. The products are separated into two main categories: Materials Handling and Document management.

The range of products is extremely wide, but all have one common aim - that is the pursuit of excellence. The introduction of our solutions will enable all companies to make substantial efficiency savings in the way that they handle, store and retrieve inventory.

Kardex's extensive range of document management solutions and products assist companies in better managing the vast quantities of documents and allows companies to successfully merge both physical and digital data; leading to impressive savings in space, productivity & accuracy.

Kardex Materials Handling Kardex Materials Handling

Kardex Shuttle XP achieves up to 90% space saving when compared to traditional racking systems through its high density storage and space saving storage design. The system is your solution when you want high density storage, unrestricted flexibility in height and increased order picking productivity. Shuttle XP is ... see more

Kardex Office Kardex Office

Kardex Carousel Lektriever is an Electric Lateral File (ELF) system and is a series of vertically arranged rotating shelves (carriers) controlled by an electronic keypad to deliver files to the operator with a push of a button or scan of a bar code. The Electric Lateral File rotates and presents the item for picking ... see more

Kardex Megamat RS Kardex Megamat RS

KARDEX MEGAMAT RS is the latest product added to the portfolio. It is an automated vertical carousel using the paternoster principle. It uses the „goods to person“ concept for goods with a high picking frequency. By introducing cutting-edge production and design technologies, Kardex has thoroughly refined ... see more

Horizontal Carousel Horizontal Carousel

Horizontal Carousels are a system of carriers (or bins) that rotate on an oval track, delivering stored items to an operator on demand. Carriers or bins are designed to hold several different weights, plus the shelves can be spaced as little as one and half inches apart for maximum density, allowing for flexibility in ... see more


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