HEMOFARM with Mobile Racking System from STORACT LOG

HEMOFARM with Mobile Racking System from STORACT LOG

The Company Hemofarm  has recently installed mobile racking system in warehouse for packaging material,which represent one of the biggest system of this kind in the country.


In this year Hemofarm finished reorganization of its storage operations. Services in warehouse are united in all Hemofarms sites under  Monika Ostojic,warehouse manager,  and gained  better utilization of space and human resorses, better investment planning and harmonization of standards. Services in storage are functional divided between two organization units:Hemofarm production, with executiv director Dejan Ivanovic and  Marketing and sales.

The storage is made of 3 organizational units, which are under responsibility of Spomenka Golic-storage coordinator, Zoran Curcic- general coordinator of storage operations and Branimir Kojic-coordinator of finished product in storage.Big support for sucesfull warehousing operations are made from head of maintenance -Danijel Avramesku and from Igor Tomasevic a chief of maintenance in warehouse.

The more and bigger needs for GMP standards in production, on one side, as well as permanently increase of intesity on the other side, requested the development and  investment  in warehouse resorses in Hemofarm.

The biggest investment in Hemofarm has happened in 2006 when the goal was to increase warehouse space and to do modernization of the storage technology, when the capacity of  high density storage is doubled and  automated storage system is implemented, that made Hemofarm one of the most modern warehouse with capacity of 15.840 pallet space with poverfull HVAC system for climatization, 4 clean rooms, class C and D that are made for central measuring of raw materials, 2 clean rooms class C for sampling materials, 2 cold chambers for storage materials and finished products in temperature from 2-8C, as well as special Kardex shuttle system for storage materials under 30 kg.

Specifity of tehcnological solution in warehouse is connection with facilities in manufacture with the conveyor tunnels, trought which is automatically, giving orders from SAP, are made the transport of measuring materials pallets, as well as a transport of pallets with finished products after production is finished in the manufacturing that goes directly in the storage, without participation of people in  takeover jobs, that are prodected from outside climate impacts. Receving and shipping annexes of VRS are separeted,and with this GMP condition regarding separation of material is accomplished .


Mobile racking system

Recently a new storage system for packaging material was released into service.

The goal of the project was to increase capacity of the warehouse without building a new one.

The technology of mobile racking allows to eliminate all aisle (except one) that in traditional structures are necessary for the access to the stored materials, with an average space saving from 80% to 90%, which is compared to traditional organization of mobile racking with space saving about 40%    increased for 100-100%. In the first phase of implementacion we increase the capacity of the warehouse from 2490 to 4424 pallet space, and in the second phase which is predicted for 2014 , we should gained 7000 pallet space, which is compareted to the period befoure implementation of mobile racking system is doubled.

Installlation of the system

One of the most biggest challenge during the selection and installation of Mobile Racking System was examination of floor statick, since after the installation, bulk of stored materilas is practicaly doubled. Considering that Hemofarm A.D. is sociably responsible company, in the same time during the installation of Mobile Racking System the work on the fire protection are made in the warehouse for packing material, considering the fact that the doubled space capacity made changes in the fire protection presure(load) ? Also instalations made differences too, in the electro intalations, which was necessary for correctly functioning.

The base in which  shelves are uquipped with wheels made of steel, with dimension that are adapted? With the load, that moves on the metal rails which are built in to the based of the warehouse, where  previosly asphalt was sliced to make stripes shapes from it .All mobile bases are supplied with handiling devices and procedure set up to avoide risk and damges and able to prevent the accident acces during the handiling, when the plant is not moving. The acces entries to the plant are protected by photocells that detect any person or thing that occupies the handilling space, in which case the handilling is immediately stopped. On both sides of the mobile bases lower part are sets with some photocells deceting both people or materials which are present in the aisle in that moment.The pre start push button  is located inside the aisle and it have security function, in order to active the plants handeling  it must be  pressed and its intendend position obliges the operater to check that the aisle is free of all obstacles.Mobile bases are equipped with radio controls for there handiling , this was introduced to speed up handiling for operator on the board, whith which are all passivre and active safety devices are guaranteed.

We spoke about mobile racking system projectk with Monika Ostojic, manager of warehousing in the company Hemofarm.

Why  Hemofarm decided to do installation of mobile racking system in there warehouse?

-Constantly increasing of manifacturing in this last years in Hemofarm A.D.  bring? also big efforts in the logisticks, that make modern producing capacity  more occupated and reduced to the minimum of utilization. One of the consequences of the increasing production capacity was confirmativ shortage of the storage space for packing material , considering that the number of packing material was tripled in the past years.

Considered all options for increasing storage capacity, from persons who are responsible for warehousing, management of Hemofarm A.D. choose an option of  mobile racking instalation for a most optimal longlast investment , as from the point of increasing capacity and time of payback  investments fund Compered with the rental cost of the identical storage capacity which are made with installation of Mobile racking systems, we come to conclusion that the payback of investments is implemented in a very short time.

The companys in our country are shrinking with use of new storage systems, althought the benefits are obvious. Did You have second thoutghs about choosing which system to install?

–  We have diferent kinds of storage systems in Hemofarm a.d. depending on purpose of storage, GMP demands about conditions of storages, locations of storage, capacity etc.The new system that we have ,like automated  density storage( for storage of raw and finished products), with handiling (command) for unload and transport to manufacturing facilities which are given trought the information systems , then system of mobile shelves in the storage with packing material, Kardex system for storage of raw products for smaller weights, all that make faster progress in the warehouse, better space utilization, elimination of human mistakes during the work which is very efficiently, and that lead to less number of employees in warehouse. Of course, that is expensive, but if the company have an opportunity to do investment in modern technology, all of systems in which are we invested will make profit, when long time period is taken. In phase of choosing the rigt system  many of  factors  are important, and in Hemofarm a.d. we do detailed analysis before we approved the investment, which include the identification of problem first, that we have in the storage for a long time, followed by suggestions of solutions, considering available resources on market with roughts ???prediction of investment, then fit/gap analysis of every suggesttion ,suggestion that is optimal solution for problem is represented to managers in Hemofarm AD and in Stadi also, and at the very end they make decision if, when and  how the investment will be approved. In short, we use DMAIC tecnhique -definison of problem, measurament of variables, analysis of results, the implementacion of solution. Just basic approach to any problem is guarantee that we choose the best solutin.

This is probably the biggest  mobile racking project in Serbia, whit what Hemofarm confirms there leadership position as inovation company. Do you have more investments plan in logisticks sector?

-In the future we have plans for more investments, like use of drive-in shelves for storage kabastih(bulk) raw materials, which will increase our warehouse capacity ,as well as expansion of storages capacity in the disclocated gear

The mobile racking project in company Hemofarm was realized by Storactlog. Regarding this big project we spoke with Hristo Urumov,CEO of Storactlog.

-Storact Log is an engineering company that has specialized in logistick. The activites in company are  project management ,delivery, installation and services of complex storage systems. Active operations of Storactlog are in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania, In each of this country we fulfilled complex mechanized or automated solutions for warehouse. More then 60 people are working in company from which 22 are engineers. My impression about Seriban market is that its grown really fast and we are excting to following years for realizations of many seariously projects. Logisticks departments in Serbia companys are very well prepare, they are on high technical level and they know what they need and how to do it.

For what kind of aplication do you suggest instalation of mobile rackings?

-In Decemeber last year there was a seminar „Logistics“ in Belgrad and I myself participated with a report, namely about mobile racking. I only will summarise the presentation in few words -the Mobile racking systems are the most proper solution when the client wants maximum to fulfill its storage (warehouse) , it has relatively large quantity of articles  and when the clients wants to keep the principle FIFO. In these cases the most proper solution is Mobile Racking.

What kind of chalenges do you have during realization of this project in Hemofarm?

-The task was to realise the project in the existing warehouses of Hemofarm. That is why we use special technology for installation of the rails in the existing floor, which represents complicated way of installation compared with the installation in new floo rduring the construction. The technology is know-how of Storact. With this technology we save additional expenses and time of Hemofarm.

What is your adventage regarding competition? Why Hemofarm choose Storactlog to realise this project?


-My advice is to ask people from Hemofarm....



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