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Mission - Fulfilling customer's complete satisfaction!

STORACT LOG relays on experienced and skilled team force. Good technicians and consultants are always the core in assembly and technical support of storage equipment. Capability of resolving problems in different storage system gives us an edge over the competition. Our team is always on request in order to react and take a decision to satisfy customer's needs.


Quality is of essential importance and a sign of respect to our clients.
If there is something that we are uncompromising with, this is the quality of our products and service.


Responsibility and immediate response during the warranty period.
With delivery and installation of any system, STORACT LOG assumes responsibility for replacement and repair of damaged parts in accordance with the terms of the warranty or after-sales support. This allows our clients to recover their daily activities in the warehouse without suffering any losses.

Focused on customer

Trust and long-term partnership - is the essential activity in the development of the company.
Winning a new customer is not just another successful transaction, but an opportunity to make lasting and meaningful relationship. We are interested to understand what client's needs are and to propose the right solution. Our solutions and methods for managing warehouses and logistics centers are profitable and generate successes and functionality.


Innovation in every aspect of our work: developing modern and high-tech solutions to meet the current state of the rapid globalization.
Application of modern information and technological trends allows us to improve our daily service to our customers and to offer rational solutions to their most demanding needs.


Address Center of Industry
of the Republic of Bulgaria
117570 Moscow ,
Krasnogo Mayaka Str.
house 24, office 305
Phone + 7 (917) 588 6703
Skype Skype
Contact person Contact person:
Filip Ivanov
Commercial Director

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